Monday, February 28, 2011

OK...March is here (almost)...

Let's end February on a positive note:

1) We have, indeed, have a new church home! I know it's the right church home b/c not only did a meet a couple with ties to Columbus but also to our church home in Columbus. Also, the minister preached on my biggest enemy yesterday--worry and mentioned one particular thing right in the middle that has been on my mind alot lately. My husband swears he did not say anything to him to prompt this but I almost fell out of my seat when he spoke on the topic.
2) I am not upset that our lower level is not put together as I'd thought it would be at this point in the transition (big shock to those who know my Type A personality and "everything has a place and everything has to be in its place" mentality.)
3) I have now driven into Fort Myer for a luncheon and to Georgetown to take the little one to Georgetown Cupcakes (aka DC Cupcakes for you reality show junkies like me) without any major drama. Did get turned around a little on Fort Myer but found where I needed to be without much difficulty.
4) It's gorgeous weather and Spring is definately around the corner--at least every day does not require a heavy coat, gloves, hat, scarf, etc.
5) Hubby is doing well at work and transitioning from into the "nurse world" nicely. The little one is still doing well in school and my older daughter is losing college even more this year!
6) Our youngest daughter lost her first tooth earlier in the month. She even wrote the tooth fairy a special letter to PLEASE let her keep it since it was the very first one she lost. The tooth fairy thought the letter extremely sweet (and I think it may have brought a tear or two upon reading it.)

So--amidst the rain and nasty weather on this last day of February, I am feeling pretty good, still, about our new home. Some days, I still feel homesick but the warmer weather, new friends, a new church and feeling more settled has helped! I am looking forward to a trip to Boston this summer with my sister in law for the Susan B. Koman 3-day Walk. We are planning some sightseeing time as well but looking forward to participating in such a special and wonderful cause. For me, watching my grandmother go through breast cancer as well as close friends over the years is the driving force to do all that I can possibly do.

I am ready for the all famous Cherry Blossom Festival to arrive here in DC. After years of hearing about it, I am super excited to see these beautiful trees for myself!

We have continued our sightseeing endeavors complete with a tour of the White House and Capital. Granted the White House tour had to be set up through a State Representative but it was worth the wait to see the excitement in my little one's eyes!

Did I mention I have a new niece or nephew on the way?? That's right, my brother and his wife are expecting baby #3! I could not be happier!!

So goodbye February! You have been a good month!! Hello March!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloom Where You are Planted...

I went to a Women's Conference at Ft. Benning a few years ago and this was the theme. I remember thinking that it was odd and the flowers planted in boots was even more odd..however, I have learned over time that to "bloom where you are planted" is such an important quality to have especially when one is married to the military.

So I guess I could say that I am "blooming" in Northern Virginia. It's no secret among my family and friends that this move was met with resistance on my part. I recently wrote a paper about the stages of change from a text book stance and I have found that those writers of text books really do know what they are talking about! My cousin's wife who is a very seasoned military spouse (he is now retired though) told me early on in the planning for this move to see it as a new adventure. She reiterated to me to basically put on a good face, expanding on to say that the attitude of a wife can make or break the career of the husband. In other words--"bloom where you are planted."

So although I won't say I am to the point of complete contentment, I am happy to say that I am beginning to feel that I am at home here. First task was to find a school for the little one--this was completed within 48 hours of our arrival. Second task was to find a home. This was done relatively quickly after deciding on a school--although I will say that we had a pretty good idea of which school and the general area we'd try to live in before we left Georgia. Third task--find a church. Finding a church was not necessarily 3rd on our list of priorities as we'd already started researching churches before we moved but this task did take a little while longer. In mid-December we visited a church after visiting several and have been going there ever since. It's warm and friendly and I feel comfortable and very welcome. The ministers are just wonderful and each have taken the time to personally contact us on a regular basis and make sure that we know that they are happy we are there. What more could we ask for? Task number 3 completed!

The museums around are fascinating and we were so blessed to have my oldest daughter here for a week before she flew to Arizona for the National Championship game in January. Having both my children under the same roof was simply a joy that is indescribable. She and I did alot of sightseeing and had a really nice time together. We have also taken our youngest daughter to the museums, monuments, the White House and the Capital. I feel like our young daughter has a golden opportunity to experience things that many do not get to do until they are adults--and some never are able to experience this wonderful area. It is my hope that she too
will "bloom!"

Personally I am in the mecca of Civil War history so I am content with that part! A new friend described this area as the "mecca" in regards to Civil War history and I think that is a perfect description. As a young girl, I have always been fascinated by the Civil War and it's notable figures and events. I am itching to tour the battlegrounds in the area and have already been out to Manassas twice but the weather has not cooperated to really spend alot of time outdoors. My brother tells me that we should visit the battlegrounds around the same time of the year that the battles actually occured. I don't know if I can wait! It's ironic that I was at the 125th Anniversary of the Battle of Manassas (the first one) 25 years ago and will be here for the 150th Anniversary. During the same trip 25 years ago, we went to Gettysburg and that hallowed ground was one of my favorite places we visited. I remember as a young girl, feeling the solemness of the grounds. Also the Cherry Blossom Festival is right around the corner and I have to admit, the thought of seeing those beautiful trees in full bloom is exciting!

So, although I feel that my transition here and the "process of accepting change" is still an ongoing process for me, I am determined to bloom where God has put us for the time being. I have always been told told and proclaimed to believe that things do not happen by accident and where we are placed in life is certainly no accident but for a purpose. Now is the time for me to put this belief into action and call Northern Virginia "home."