Monday, September 5, 2011

New Beginnings...again

I spoke in a previous journal entry about the phrase "bloom where you are planted." So--here I find myself once again clinging to that phrase as yet another phase of this crazy Army life begins. No we are not moving again. Not yet. Hopefully not for a long time.
It's funny that a friend of many years published a photo on FB of a random flower growing in spot where you would not expect something that beautiful to grow with the phrase "bloom where you are planted" just as yet another new phase in our lives begin.
My husband has moved to work at another facility as Walter Reed has officially closed. It's such a unique thing to live up here. Another Army wife said something to me right after we moved that struck home in that you could literally rotate where you work and live all around the beltway. Literally.
I have started a new direction in my career and am very nervous and very excited all the same time. Bloom where you are planted. I keep thinking, "Ok, God..I'm not sure why you have planted me here but show me how to grow." I am very thankful and very blessed that I have made friends who have said to me recently as I start this new endeavor that "we are going to be your prayer warriors and you are going to be fine." I was afraid that when I moved up here it was going to be difficult to develop relationships because it is such a huge place..however, I have met some of the most wonderful new friends and so very thankful.
When I was in Girl Scouts I learned a song about making new friends and keeping the old. A few weeks ago the little daughter had a friend over to spend the night and they were discussing how they hoped they would once again be put in the same classroom when school started. Since we didn't know exactly which of the 2 classes each would be in and if they would be in the same one, I started trying to talk to them about how it will be OK if they end up in different classes. I guess at that age it is hard to comprehend the fact that you can be separated and still be just as close and also they would have the opportunity make even more friends. As I tried to explain all of this to these sweet girls, I thought to myself how blessed I am to have the means to stay in touch with friends we leave when we move and now have "prayer warriors" where I am now. God really does give you what you need to grow and keep those roots strong--even when you move away.
So, all in one week, literally we got through a 5.9 earthquake and a Hurricane that blew through (not as bad as Opal down in Alabama though.) Although when our whole house started shaking and things started falling off the walls and the little one came running down the stairs screaming, "I want to go back to Georgia," I have to say I was thinking the same thing but we did not pack up our hoop skirts and head back South (not yet anyway!) Maybe my roots have grounded a little bit stronger than I thought!! I did learn one thing--I DO NOT LIKE EARTHQUAKES, SAM I AM!! In this same week, I started back to school, a new job (sorta) and my husband said goodbye to Walter Reed forever. And the ground shook! One of my friends sent me a message asking if my moving here had upset the whole weather pattern in Northern VA??!! An earthquake AND a hurricane all in the same week? Really???!!!
Happy Labor Day to you all and best wishes for a great week to you all!