Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Showers....

bring May flowers?? If this is true, we should have ALOT of May flowers in this area! We have had so much rain that I have considered the fact that perhaps we should all be driving boats instead of cars with wheels.
But with the rain brings opportunities--yes, opportunities. Opportunities to play a board game of scrabble with a 6 year old, make home made pizza instead of grilling out (messy dough, flour on the floor--lots of fun,) read a book, watch a good movie (or go to a movie,) or even use coupons for a family bowling game. Or even better, PLAY in the rain!
I have to say that I have enjoyed the rain (the thunder and lightening and tornado warnings I could do without) ...but the rain..the sweet sound of rain on the roof is just heavenly. Since our main living area is now on the 2nd floor, I can open the blinds and see from sorta a birds eye view the rain coming down. From our bedroom I can hear the rain hitting the deck. It's a nice, relaxing sound.

So life in a kind of northern town has turned out to be not so bad. I recently celebrated my first birthday away from home. What I thought was going to be a tearful day turned out to be a very good day! My new friend here texted me early to ask if I wanted to have lunch with her that day after an appointment I had at Ft. Belvoir. I was so giddy! So she and I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at my new favorite Japanese restaurant and evening was completed with a birthday cake and singing from my husband and daughter. It could not have been a better day!

This week is Easter Break for my little daughter and we have some fun things planned-we bowled yesterday (with coupons I have acquired along,) seeing a movie today with free movie passes we got the last time we went and Thursday, my little daughter will attend an officer wives luncheon with me. I have to say I am super excited about that for several reasons. The first being that I get to spend this time with my little daughter, second, I get to spend this time with some of the most wonderful ladies one could meet and thirdly, the guest speaker is a quilter. What a great combination, huh? I think we may do a little sewing this week (since it's supposed to be rainy) and we are sure to have lots of laughs. But--we also plan to focus on the reason of the week. We have talked at length and will continue to do so regarding the meaning of Holy Week and the reason for the Easter celebration. We are happy that my husband will be able to attend church with us Sunday as he has missed the last 2 Sunday's.

At any rate, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I hope you learn that it's OK to dance in the rain, use coupons when you have them and value all that God has to offer--even the rainy, dreary days!